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Awesome unit the Irig mic pre


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Man to think about it 40 years ago a mic pre was huge like the AVALON everything was corded I gave it a test yesterday in the mobile I took my magami cable 6 ft the iRig mic pre am my shure beta 58A I was able to make an excellent recording with the Smule effects I was able to obtain professional results dang look how far we've come. Do you still have those boat anchors that are corded only I do I still have my art tube amp how about you? Let's hear from you SmuleNation....


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I have big boxes full of old music equipment. It’s a shame the technical standards (like the cable connectors to computers) and the software support only last for a couple of years. For example, I have a nice TASCAM audio interface, but there are no drivers anymore, so the working interface is essentially junk. 

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I love the idea that with the iRig mic pre I'm not tied down to home no more!!! and go in the backyard and record  the tub excellent echo in the bathroom by the way..lol the car anywhere I can go I can record if I wish as long as it's allowed of course...LOL

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