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My perfect smule singing Hardware.. & yours?

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Wanted to share my configuration that in my humble opinion is my perfect solution to my singing on smule:

1) Iphone 6s. 

2) Microphone: Rode NT1 kit. 

3) Ahuja (Indian brand) XLR cable. 

4) iRig Pre 

5) Sony MDR-7500 series headphone. 

Once you know how to adjust gain on iRig Pre u are all set. 

The recorded vocals are great enough on studio setting with enough reverb and all. I think u don't need anything else for singing 🎶 on smule. 

Just wanted to share so that Beginners or anyone else can gain from it. 



****please share your setup, which you feel is perfect enough for you. 



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I used the iRig Pre originally. It worked fine. Two things I didn’t like so much: 

  • it can only be used with batteries
  • the sound of the headphone output is worse than when you plug the headphones directly in the phone. So I would constantly switch my headphones to record (with the iRig Pre) and check the final recording (with the iPhone). 

In the end, I upgraded to the iRig Pro I/O which doesn’t have these problems:



Follow me on Smule: https://smule.com/opentype 

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I have an iPad which I’ve used with a Rode NTUSB and an iPhone USB camera connector.

Although, to be honest, I’ve gone back to Apple earbuds/mic and it’s perfectly good and far simpler.

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Open Type is right. iRig Pre Works yes but has its limitations and is very basic. I used it too. Chews up batteries very fast, so I started using rechargeable Batteries. Yet half way through recording battery will go flat and that meant starting all over.

iRig Pro I/O is way superior plus you should buy with its own powersupply which is optional. This keeps the iRig as well as the iPad fully charged all the time. Lot more expensive though.

I found iRig Pre and iRig Pro I/O work better with IoS and did not work well for me with Android Samsung 7.

I now use my iRig Pro I/O with iPad 6th Gen 2018 Model (which allows you to plug your head phones into the iPad if necessary) I use the Audio Technica MTH50x Head Phone with an AKG D5 Vocal Dynamic Microphone.

These work fine but want to switch to a condenser Microphone.

Been eying the Shure Beta 87A costing Aud $ 365 and  Rode NT1A costing Aud $300 and Rode NT2A costing Aud $400.

Please Tell me what you think of Rode NT1.

Can you please share a link to one of your recordings  if You dont Mind.



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