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Static when recording


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So this recently started happening, starting on 23/07/2019. I get static whenever I sing into the mic. I had purchased some new (supposedly) good quality earphones (Sennheiser - Momentu) from JB-HI FI and for 4 days they worked fine. No static at all. Then all of a sudden, the next day when I sang into the mic there was always a static. When I stop singing, the static follows for about half a second then stops with me. Always. I went back to get the earphones replaced, and with the new ones, the static was still there. No way my luck with earphones is this bad.... I feel like it's either my phone or the Smule App.

The static may seem faint at first but is very obvious and quickly noticed, and even more so when I up the volume during playback. Anyone else have this experience lately?

Ok.. as I try to post a link to an example of this static, I can't seem to hear it from my computer, maybe it isn't the mic that's the issue, it's the playback on the earphones?


This one is very obvious: https://www.smule.com/recording/selena-gomez-the-scene-naturally/45201511_3064121146

From my earphones the static sounds like a faint crashing of water on a beach. Or constant rustling of leaves. It's annoying as hell. It was not like this a few days ago. I haven't tried to listen to it with other earphones yet... will do that when I can.

Now I'm afraid to increase my mic volume because the static noise is too much.

~disgruntled 😒

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Another way to describe the static is like the big old school TVs where you flipped to a channel where it's just black and white. It's quite hard to hear at first but when you know what it sounds like it's just too damn obvious... SIGH.

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I’m not hearing anything suspicious in the links you posted. Sounds fine to me. 

3 hours ago, YutingWang90 said:

When I stop singing, the static follows for about half a second then stops with me.

That would actually be normal. Smule applies audio filters like compressor and noise gate in the background. So when you don’t sing, it tries to make it totally quiet. But when you sing, it needs to let everything through, including background noise and the base noise of your microphone. When you stop singing, the noise gate kicks in again slowly. That’s nothing to worry about. A better microphone can reduce this noise. 

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Hi Opentype,

Thankyou for your response. That's good to hear that you're not hearing anything strange.

From what you said, does this mean if I stop using filters (i.e. 'studio') it may (theoretically) reduce this noise? I will try that next time. Thanks again for the information! Much appreciated!

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