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LiveJam need new some changes


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Something needs to get done from Smule about LiveJam ( Live Now ) witch by the way is great. Honestly i feel that they need to separate Adult singers from children. searching for duets is becoming a creeping experience with 80 percent of kids all the time. it is nothing personal but in my opinion i will not want to see my kids being singing with strangers, i know that a lot of them has plenty of talent and that parents even paid for the kids to be VIP but also i could be really dangerous for kids to be target for predators since it happen to a lot of VIP members that i know, its getting out of control for Smule to supervise their members and guest plus i don't think they have the tools or employees to do it. at the end of the day is the parent responsibility to watch their kids not Smule. best starting point will be for Smule to filter age and language to make this app a lot better for who really wants to enjoy singing and make friends           

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