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Error message while uploading a song

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I have been uploading songs for sometime now & today getting this error message "We encountered a problem saving your song. Please try again."

Already I have uploaded dozens of songs & so I'm sure I know the basics of what not to do & I checked all the rules & regulations about uploading.

This error message appears only at the final step of uploading the song, i.e. after entering lyrics & setting time and while clicking the final 'Save' button.

I attached the screenshot.

Please help to solve this. 


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I have found a possible solution on this and have reported it as a bug.

1. Check to make sure your audio file is the correct quality which is:

Sample Rate: 16 Bit, 44100 or 48000 Hz
Maximum compression: 64kbps (mono) and 128kbps (stereo)
M4A or MP3 format

2. When you enter the title of the song it may suggest a title. If the suggested title is too long (more than 45 characters) it will not tell you unless you click back into the title field. If you select the suggested title that is too long it will still allow you to go to the next page and add the lyrics. You will not know anything is wrong until you try to save the file at the end where it gives the "We encountered a problem saving your song. Please try again!" message.

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