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full song not getting saved on Smule .

Surabhi Balaji

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Surabhi Balaji

Hi Smule users 

I am facing this problem since many months . I am unable to save the full song on Smule after making a lip sync video done after doing the audio . I am Using I phone 8 . Different lengths gets saved every time I try to save  , never does the whole song get saved . Really frustrated . I don’t get the audio waves that is usually displayed after doing the audio while doing the video . If anyone else has faced this problem or knows the solution please let me know . Smule guys don’t seem to care as they have got their subscription for the whole year . Please help bug fixers . 

Thank you 

surabhi Balaji 

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Last night I recorded a duet and it Failed to Upload. It frozenand then got a message saying Oops Download failed. Check your WiFi. There was nothing wrong with my WiFi. Sang the same Duet again and it failed a second time. Got Fed up Packed up and watched TV instead


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Surabhi Balaji
45 minutes ago, opentype said:

Have you opened a bug report with Smule? What was their reply?

Yes I did and they tell me , “ ur bug has been reported but we can’t guarantee a solution shortly . 

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16 minutes ago, Surabhi Balaji said:

“ ur bug has been reported but we can’t guarantee a solution shortly . 

Then you just have to wait for future versions which contain the bug fix. It’s just how software development works, especially when there millions of users. 

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