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Tips for Smule group collab on Android

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On apple devices, you can choose parts to sing in a group collab. On an android device, everything is all together as if you're doing a solo song and you don't have the option to pick a part. I contacted Smule about this a year or two ago and they said the part option wasn't available for the android version yet.

I could try using my iPad again but the last time I tried everything was distorted and sound would fade out at certain parts. Also I only have vip on android. Last time I tried a group join was 2 years ago on my Android device and I had to overwrite my recording at the request of the person who started the song because I was told I was doing it incorrectly. So I gave up joining group collabs. 

Aside from retrying on iPad the only other option is winging it on my Android and choose parts of the song to sing as I go along. Any tips for singing in group collabs on a android device? Hope this doesn't confuse anyone. 😕

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