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Amazon Fire Tablet


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Have been searching for the following and beginning to think this is not possible?

I have an Amazon Fire Tablet, 8".  So it has some power.  

Is it possible to connect an external microphone to an Amazon Fire?  And have it work with Smule?


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Tx for your reply.  The Amazon Fire is Android, has its own App library, and you're right in that I did not see Smule in the library.

Let me ask this a different way...  my wife is a singer.  

  1. She wants to be able to connect a microphone to a device that will mix practice MP3s her music partner has created with her voice.  
  2. She would like to be able to record the mix of her voice and practice MP3  music.  
  3. She would like to be able to send the mix to people in karaoke groups around the world.

Any ideas on how to accomplish this would be most helpful.  

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Yes, the Amazon tablets use a version of Android, but since it’s not officially an Android device with access to the Google Play store, most Android apps aren’t available. 

Personally, what you are asking for sounds like it is best achieved with a regular PC or Mac desktop computer. Connecting all sorts of microphones is no problem and lots of free and commercial recording/mixing applications are available to create create these MP3s, sing to them, and also to export them. 

Since we are on a Smule community site: If you got a compatible iOS or Android device to use Smule, the app allows to upload your own karaoke versions. Either as a real karaoke track without any voices to be used by everyone, but you can also upload your own tracks (with our without vocals) for your own use just in your account. The upload option is only available through the website: http://www.smule.com/s/upload/ but the results can then be used from within the app. 

Follow me on Smule: https://smule.com/opentype 

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Tx for your extended reply.  Yes, am beginning to see that a full PC will likely be the way to go.  Am looking into Linux Karaoke apps now as that is my platform of choice.  As we do have a Karaoke machine that works as a mixer, appears I will bolt together a media player, pushing into the mixer, and then output into a recording device.  Wasn't keen on having so many devices to make this all work but I now see thankx to responses like yours that this is the way to go...  Tx for your help.   

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