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New feature suggestion: key change


New feature: key change  

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  1. 1. Would you like a key change feature in smule songs?

    • Definetly. I would love that
    • Nay, it would be a mess
    • Only if they make it easy to spot before join

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What would you think of a key change feature?

You know, when you sing a song, probably the original key is not the best match for you, even if you are same gender as the original singer.

Lots of apps can change this on the fly (Riff studio, for example).

I could use a feature like that. Sometimes I search for a "male key" song ... but one doesn't fit all. A fine grained chromatic key change feature would be better.  Maybe it would also be a mess, if they don't find where to show the info, as you wouldn't know for sure which key are you joining to.

Generally speaking, songs metadata in smule could be better than it is right now.

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Would be great, but it’s hard to do right. 

Essentially you have to record the song multiple times for proper key changes. Smule could do that for their own (future) songs. Community uploaders probably won’t go through this trouble. 

For automatic key changes, either the audio would have to be manipulated, which sounds terrible. There are songs like that in the community songbook. I never use them. Or the songs would have to be played through MIDI, not live instruments, which also sounds bad in general. 

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I think that up or down 3 semitones doesn’t alter the music too much. Anything more than that and the music sounds altered. If you were considering uploading yourself in a more suitable key - a good dj app would prob do a better key adjustment than a karaoke app, also  stripped down acoustic versions work quite well . An excellent karaoke app for pitch and tempo real time changes is karafun. If you are using their own files they Are completely adjustable for example you can also fade up and down backing singers and a lead vocal ( handy for learning new songs) 

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Let them first make the Android app equal to the ios app before adding new features. Android users are missing out on so much features. iOS app is light years ahead of Android 😢

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Doug Greenberg

To apply key changes to a musical app is not rocket science, and karaoke apps have included this feature for a long time, e.g., the formerly popular Karaoke Anywhere, which I used for years. You do NOT have to have separate recordings of the music for each change in key; the software can perform the changes. For karaoke, this is a MUST-have feature. Anyone who has ever done in-person vocals figures out the ideal key for them and arranges for transposition of the original music into the proper key. 

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