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Late voice feedback

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Username : @sZHMX

Platform : Android (VIP user)

Phone : Honor View 10


Since its introduction, voice feedback has been late and unusable for me. I've sent smule a lot of emails but it hasn't been resolved till now. I've done : uninstalling/reinstalling the app, factory reseting my phone etc. But it persisted. I thought I'd give it time since app development is no joke but it's been like a year now. 


In the last email i sent to smule, they ask me to attach a link of a recording. I'm now convinced their customer care team team doesn't know anything about the app. What use will there be for attaching a recording when 'voice feedback' doesn't appear in the recording. 


To be honest guys, smule is so unfair to android users. We're paying too 😔. With the new UI, skip/go back during, singing, group feature and many more features in the iOS, (and god knows when they'll bring it on android) I'm on the verge of quitting smule altogether. This is so frustrating. In this scenario, android should be free imo. There's no use paying for 2nd class service 😭


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