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How to make a Condenser Microphone work on Samsung 7 ?

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I am using a 3.5mm Splitter cable to connect my AKG D5 Vocal Head phones and ATH-M50x Head Phones. Head phones are working beautifully but the MIC is not working. As a result all my recordings are done by the Samsung-7's built in Mic.

I did not know this for the last six months and have been wondering why the recording quality varies and is often very poor.

Any suggestions on how I can make the external mic work on Samsung 7 ??




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It is a 3.5mm 4segments splitter that plugs directly into the phone and you plug the head phones into the green coded and mic into the Red coded. I have used this for months and recorded many many songs mostly duets.

When I sang Smule was picking up the signal generating the waves we see on smule. Dumb me did not realise that the vocals were being picked up by the built in mic in the phone.

Today with help from a Techie I managed to solve the problem. I plugged the XLR cable from the Mic into the Roland Go Mixer Pro. Connected the  splitter to the phone and plugged the cable from the out put into MIc and the head phones into green cable.

My Dynamic Mic suddenly came to life. the Roland Go Mixer Pro only allows me to control the input and out put volumes..

Next step is to introduce the Yamaha  MG06X mixer to introduce special effects Fx



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