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Smule: Singing and playing guitar simultaneously


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Is there anyone out there that has physically accomplished this task?  I recently purchased a Focusrite iTrack Solo because after perusing the forums, blogs and YouTube this was the device that was going to allow me to play and sing simultaneously.  That is not the case.  

I am using a Shure 55 Deluxe plugged into the Itrack Solo and the Solo plugged into the iPad Pro.  The microphone works flawlessly but the guitar will not come through.  

They both come through simultaneously in GarageBand, but not Smule.  Some have suggested that I open garage band first, then open Smule but this accomplishes nothing.  

‘I also have a Play Acoustic that should work like the Focusrite iTrack Solo, but doesn’t.  

I sure would love to hear from someone that has actually tackled this problem.  Thanks


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If you want to record two things separately you would need a hardware mixer. 

Or just move the mic away far enough so it picks up several sources at once. Won’t work with headsets, but since you have a professional mic, the results are acceptable for karaoke. This was done with a condenser vocal mic:


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Suggest you take a look at Roland Go: Mixer Pro. This simple mixer allows you to plug in your guitar or your key board, your microphone, etc etc. It allows volume control of each input etc you can also hook up your mobile phone (except unfortunately it does not have its own power supply and drains the it drains the phone battery drastically. One full charge may not last for more than three songs at best and when battery charge drops the recording standard drops.)

Does not work well for duets on Smule but should be Ok for your fully original recordings including Video.


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You must to replicate OUTPUT mobile device from you interface. iPhones conectors admit L-R- Mic. In Smule that is two Outpus (music)- One Input vox - mic. Probably APP just allow ONE INPUT. 

You will need a TRRS CTIAstandard (L-R-Ground- Mic excatly in order) to TRS/RCA cable from your interface to SMule.

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On 2/2/2019 at 3:48 PM, us_shooter said:

I finally got it figured out. I used a split xlr cable. 

I’ve been trying to figure this out too. Can you please let me know what kind of split xlr cable are you using??

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