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Smule - Super Studio - Settings

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Are there any instructions on how to choose Settings for Smule Super Studio. Can this setting be a Constant or does it vary with songs or depend on Settings used by Original Singer of a Duet whose invite you accept and are joining ? How do I get the Vocal Timing right? I use even -250 milli seconds at times. . I use an Android Samsung 7. Wondering if my problems are unique to Android users. All tips and suggestions are welcome


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Yes, matching your partner’s effect settings as best as possible is recommended for the vast majority of collabs. If the settings differ significantly, it just sounds weird. 

And yes, the settings can be adjusted to the specific song. Slow piano ballad? A lot of reverb works. Up-tempo pop or rock song. Less reverb. 

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Thanks Open Type. That explains the problems faced by many. Ideally it would be good for the initiators of a duet to include SS FX Setting Details. A Clever way to solve the problem is for the software to identify the settings used by the Originator and include it in the invite when processing Like Super Pop 90/90 or Super Studio 30/70 what ever. If the software can do this whilst processing it will enhance the quality of the final duets and also raising Smule Ratings and Popularity.

I was struggling today with a duet and I tried all permutations and combinations with Super studio. I message the singer ad he texts me back saying he has used Super Pop 90/90. would never have guessed. But Smule software can pick up this information from the upload easily.

Also the sliding scale used to adjust Reverb and Room Vol in Super studio is a nuisance especially for men with fat fingers like me. So difficult to fine tune.. Wish we could key these numbers in so we can get exactly what we are after and not a near enough selection.

It has been a good learning curve and thank you for taking the time to answer all my questions.




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