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Do you use LiveJams yet?


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  1. 1. Do you use LiveJams yet?

    • Yes, I love it!
    • Nah, not very interested.
    • Can’t use it yet.

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I like the Live Jams. It is a good way to meet new users/singers. The only problem I have and it cannot be helped are the different time zones with some of my favorite singers. I am not always available and vice versa. Definitely a nice addition to the app. 

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Were you addressing me? If so, are you referring to the lag when singing? It comes and goes, last I went Live. I am under the weather at present but will inform you the next time I go Live. Hoping it will be soon. My original comment was referencing my Smule friends live in different time zones making it a little hard to get together Live. 😊

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I have used LIVE Jam a couple of times.

Since I prefer going LIVE with my guitar and do spontaneous original creations with random people, I rarely get a participation, but that is my own problem.

Overall, I love the whole design and functionality. Passing of mic etc.

Good job guys.

awesome great job GIF

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