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Drastically increased VIP pricing

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The VIP prices vary around the world, but several users reported that they are seeing prices which have more than doubled in various locations, e.g. in the US on iOS:

  • Week: $7.99 instead of $2.99 before
  • Week: $19.99 instead of $7.99 before
  • Week: $99.99 instead of $39.99 before

So far it looks like running subscriptions are not affected by this. But if you cancel, downgrade/upgrade or add accounts you will have to pay these prices. 

What do you think? Will you stop using Smule with such prices?

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That was very nice news:D
I have iOS & Android, but both I did not feel like purchasing...
So I thought that especially good thing!

>VIP subscriptions bought through smule.com can be used on iOS and Android devices at the same time! 

I purchased it right away.
In Japan, VIP Prices(Week) was $8.99. (but, maybe that is old prices)

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