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How to do "headphone required" invites without headphones?

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For the past week i've had a lot of issues audio wise (choppy and robotic vocals), so i've had to get an android emulator, however it cannot detect headphones. Does anyone know any solution to avoid the headphones required or an app to make an emulator think headphones are plugged in?

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Last time I checked, there is no way to mark an invite as "headphones required" other than social way (I mean, asking please to use hp ;) ). 

Duet OCs (the common ones) are not limited, it is your choice to use them or not.

In multiuser OCs headphones are mandatory, because it would be a mess if everybody's echo would sum up.

If you think your audio issue is related to the headphones mic, you may try using headphones without mic , the regular old ones, with TRS tip instead of TRRS tip (google it to see photos). When you use this kind of headphones, the internal phone mic is selected by smule to get the sound.


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