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Tips for using Vocal Match and Vocal Volume

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After recording a Song on Smule, I am faced with the dilemma of not knowing how to best adjust the Vocal Match and the Vocal Loudness. Most of the time I bump up the Volume as my Voice seems to be very low. When it comes to Vocal Match I have no clue and am like Blind Freddie taking poy shots. Need some guideline to understand and use these variables the best possible way. Chers. Ram

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I've been saying for years that Smule needs a feature to allow anyone joining an OC to see what vocal effects the person they are joining used. I've even emailed Smule offering this suggestion, but it's obviously fallen on deaf ears. I also sometimes struggle to match the other person and would love to see Smule make vocal matching much easier. They obviously thought having both people use the same filter on videos was important enough to add a # with the filter used, then moving on to FORCING you to use the same filter as the person opening the song, but for some reason don't have the insight to accentuate the VOCAL part of it. Seems counterproductive and doesn't make much sense on a SINGING app that a matching video filter is more important than matching vocals. But hey, what do I know? Lol 

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