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Privacy issue

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Hi I have logged in my smule acount in different devices since I started singing over smule ...but now the issue is I don’t know my songs list and followings are making changes frequently ...so please help me out to sign out from all those devices I have tried to change my email and password but isn’t make any effect 

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That’s still a major problem for anyone wondering and simply removing app won’t prevent logging back into account w/o first clearing data on device ─something I didn’t know when i gave my boyfriend my old android...my account has been sabotaged by him several times now when we’ve been fighting including blocking of friends, deleted joins or OCs, removing me from all my groups, he canceled my subscription, sending messages to people thru smule (which FYI if two devices are logged into same account only if the device that opens message will see it in their inbox or at least the newly sent messages from a previous correspondence) I’ve reported it multiple times only got a bot response back (I think when I was complaining about my subscription being terminated without seeking approval or at least sending me an email...) yah smules not the most keen on privacy or account security...>_<

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Did you ever find a way to log out on the device u didn’t have control of that he had? Would asking smule to delete it and then recovering it sign it out on that device? I’m having a similar situation right now and trying to figure out how to go about it 

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