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The defination of insanity... help stop the cycle?

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Okay so I've You Tubed the crap out of " how to make a karaoke track for Audacity." consistently working /struggling to figure out how to make it happen since joining last month. I understand that you can only make a track if it's mono, you split it in audacity and i forget which other move I'm suppose to make, but anyways  I feel like Charlie Brown on his back when Lucy moves the football out of his kick line. Argh...

Do I need to purchase some special equipment? Or do I just need to reread the directions again? Or..

I only have garage band on a first generation ipad mini, would that do the trick? (will try again this week)

There's not enough Patti Griffin, Ryan Adams, or Josh Ritter and I'd like to contribute, but I'll be bald from pulling my hair out trying to make sense of it all. And really, I am not looking to recreate Britney Spears bald phase of 2007.

Does anyone here know about the DAW  Reaper? Would this be a viable option to making a karaoke track? I am going to tinker with this option this week.

Any suggestions? I will be reading the directions again that I have gathered from researching on Smule and the internet,   but any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

All for music,


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No I had not, I will be working on it. 

Wish me luck, thank you for the info and hope you have a great week!

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am not a pro, I've already tried everything but center cancellation will only work if the vocals are on the middle channel, not to mention there will still be echoes and reverb and other wahwah mumbo jumbo and it will cancel ALL the sounds from the middle channel sometimes the drums (toms hi hats) is on the middle channel so it would take a lot of soul from the music and not to mention that in today's musics vocals are put in to separate channels, so yeah it still depends on the song you work with.

even with paid programs like melodyne that can categorize sounds between notes it will still be a pain in the a** to work with,it will take app. 2 hours of non stop clicking and dragging the blobs to spot the actual notes the singer is hitting, AND WAIT THERES MORE what if the instruments are hitting the same notes as the singer is? yeah you need to have a professional engineer ears to in order to spot the pitching and timing of the songs, singing a music is fun but making one is not

tl;dr if you can make it work in audacity then its good for you, but if audacity doesn't work, I would suggest you to leave it to the professionals to do it, OR if you have the skills and resources to rearrange it with your own instruments then it will do the job, otherwise just leave it, it won't the efforts and times to do it

and then again, devs should be the one who does all the efforts to put the requested songs in their songbooks, I know you guys working your 100% on it but I demand 101% ;)

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