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Long sustained notes suppresed (android)

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Sometimes, long sustained notes get suppresed after a couple of seconds. I think it may be due to the noise cancelation system of the phone, as I used to record with the built-in phone mic.

I think with some earbuds with mic (samsung, TRRS minijack) it is not that bad, but I prefer the phone mic sound.

I know I can plug a pre and a dynamic mic (I even have got the gear, some little pre of creative), but I usually sing in the car or anywhere, so I'd like to know if someone found an easy way to minimize this issues with android.

I tried with a TRRS splitter, but if I plug a mic it doesn't get the signal (I supose it needs a pre).

Do you know of a mic which, like the earbuds one, doesn't need to be preamplified but it is better than the earbuds average mic for singing?

And yeah, I also know iOS is better for sound apps, as they don't have to deal with 3rd party hardware issues. Thanks but no thanks ;)

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