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How to tell if a user banned you or just unfollowed


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we have this chatroom in smule with some acquitances. Then, one of them exits without notice. I get curious, so I take a look at her profile page and I read her name reads "IDIOT", I can see no avatar, no background, and she shows zero followed. Comment shows just one word: "offline". I see the checkbox that says I'm still following her (along with another thousand people)

First, I thought her account might have been hijacked, but I supose it's more probable that she's having some personal issues with somebody or with herself.

Is there a way to know if she's banned me or just unfollowed everybody?

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Niloofar Music

Hi,I have a question... So this random guy on Smule I sent him a song to sing with me. He refused, I insisted that he is a great singer he should at least give it a shot (only if he wants to I said). He became irritated cause he obviously has anger issues (Im guessing). Anyway, then he turns to me and says 'And Im not gonna answer any private messages anymore'. I was like 'What private messages do you mean? Im confused. Then he answers: well, perhaps now that Im going to block you, your confusion will go away.... I text him back: I respect your wishes, Im not going to message you anymore, Thank You. So now Im sitting here first of all very sad and disappointed in what happened because I truly enjoyed singing with this guy and Im also new to Smule. So I noticed he unfollowed me and I can't add him either but I still see his list of older songs. My questions is: Will I not be able to see his new songs or join to sing with him anymore???? I was so respectful to him I really don't understand why he reacted like this towards me???? Its so heartbreaking.... Im very sad right now... Please help :(

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