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Differences between IOS and Android


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For the past 4 years i have been a vip subscriber on sing using an iphone, that iphone has recently become inoperable and i switched over to android to give it a try and what made the switch ok was the fact that smule says i can access my ios profile from my android app, Awesome! (Im addicted to sing) However, i believe Android is being disregarded concerning updates. Recording quality, timing, the ability to flag the song your creating so you dont have to "start over", recording "realtime" using any fx at the same time, those options greatly improve the experience not to mention the quality of duets, groups but are only available for IOS. Android users pay the Same amount and should be treated accordingly.

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Actually the prices were different for a long time with Android being cheaper. 

I don’t really blame Smule for the problems on Android. It’s just a very difficult platform to develop for. There is just ONE maker of iOS devices, there are many for Android and each one uses different hardware. If live monitoring would be easily possible for example, they would add that. 


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