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Smule blog: New VIP Feature: Turn Your Favorite Recorded Joins into Joinable Invites!

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We’ve got some good news to share! We’re excited to announce the launch of a new VIP feature that’ll take your singing experience to the next level. If you’ve ever joined someone’s invite and absolutely loved your recording, this feature is for you! 

Initially, this feature will be available on iOS. We’ll evaluate performance and determine next steps from there. We’re committed to bringing the best singing experience to all of our users! 

Now, as a VIP user, you have the power to transform your favorite joins into joinable invites! 

View the full article on the Smule blog

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They must still be experiencing latency issues with Android, the same issues they were having when they first tried rolling this feature out in May.

Once they've got it all sorted out, it would be interested to see if they could apply their knowledge of latency-fixing to improving Live Jams. Likely not though, as other people have pointed out, Smule seems to be actively sabotaging the efficiency of Live Jams.

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