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Listening performances with no earphone/headphone

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This has been a long standing issue for me and have been trying to find correct answer. Anyone experiencing hearing his/her own voice detuned / out of the tune while listening without a headphone  but  sounds perfect with the performance with headphone. Is this something due to program or do i really sound like the one I listened with no headphone ?  Does anyone have an answer for this. Short of all how come I feel that I am a terrible singer when i listen with no head phone :( 

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Interesting effect, isn’t it?

I’m pretty sure this is not about earphones/speaker, but about the sound quality/spectrum in general. Hearing the sound recording in a full spectrum of frequencies masks errors because there is so much going on at the same time, while the lower quality audio of phone speakers emphasizes the range of the voice and puts problems with the voice front and center. If you listen to the same recording on high quality speakers, you probably have the same experience as on headphones. 

But yeah, it means that if it sounds “out of tune” on phone speakers, it probably is out of tune. 

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