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Good morning,

User for a few years it is with pleasure that I connected sporadically to join participants and sing with them or initiate a duet. I opted for the subscription per week, at 2€ via the mobile operator. Flexible, easy, I wasted little because at times even a week was long enough for me.

Recently you changed the system. Contacts have reported to me that this option has disappeared. And slowly but surely, we all lost that option, myself included, for a TOTALLY inappropriate option: The 3 MONTH subscription for 25€. (via mobile in addition)¿¿¿

Needless to say that those who have encountered this option no longer pay for Smule (except those who have a credit card, and this is not my case). Occasional singer pay for the year at the price of the mobile operator is inconceivable. I happened to pay several weeks in a row (8€/month), this will no longer be the case.

Between subscriptions at more than 100€/year, those at 30/year, those at 25/month, depending on the platform, the tariff plans have always been more folkloric. My companion had to take out a subscription on Android and no longer know how to use it on IOS.

Nothing is clear and constantly changing. I am aware that losing 4 "customers" is not dramatic for Smule, but gaining 8/month per customer was already more interesting than having nothing at all. I think Smule should once and for all address the issue of customers not having a credit card, because those are leaving.

I'm disappointed, even though I'm not their best customer, I used the platform often, which is no longer the case. I had a great time, with talented and nice singers, and that won't be the case anymore. It's frustrating.

Thanks again to Smule for these good times, but I do not thank them for this price change that I cannot accept.


Sorry for my English, I don't speak English.

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