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Change in Playlist view in PC Browser

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Apparently smule made a change to the PC Browser version a few hours back.

Until now, if I added a singer's OC to any of my Playlist, it used to display along side the counter showing no. of joins in blue box (just as seen from the singer's Channel page). This is only in PC Browser, not in mobile App. Now it has disappeared, and the no. of Joins are no longer displayed. Is this the case for everyone ?

The other change they did was that all of the Playlists are now displayed in the PC Browser, earlier only the Favorites Playlist contents were displayed by default in the Playlist section. This is still welcome, but I think getting rid of the Joins counter is a bad idea !

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10 minutes ago, Glasnost77 said:

Is this the case for everyone ?

I don’t know if it was different before, but I can confirm that the OCs are currently showing without “joins” in the browser. 

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