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Group song recovery on smule

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Jay_ Kridd

PLease  I was making a group song a competition on smule, after successfully several other layers, I tried to add another but it kept saying uploading ...., even after closing the app and changing network source, when I tap on it, it says resume or delete.. So decided to press delete this time. And now I can't find the song. The deadline for submission is in 4 hours .. The song is too hard to redo, the song was private and and wasn't closed yet.

 How can I recover it please??

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If it’s private and gone from your profile, there is probably no quick way to recover it. Have you checked if it still appears on smule.com when you are logged in? (Not that I expect it to, but I would check nevertheless.)
Smule might be able to restore it, but it might take days until they respond. 

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