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any way to get the microphone to be Left only /FX? In other words, the PAN position of the sung voice is left.

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Env Windows Chrome W/email login

I play Drums in Smule. It's been 3 months since I first started. I became a VIP after about a month from the beginning.
I don't use Smule's FX because it is special with E-drums on Android Emu. My volume is Zero, Local Echo on.
My environment/method will be additionally explained later.

Why I need Left or PAN position is not my Drum but other user's VOCAL.
Test for better separation while keeping Onv(Onvocal).

Onv(Onvocal) In most cases Center
P1 Left 
P2 Right

Not completely Left 100%, but variable PAN, but in this explanation Left 100%.

This is possible if the mic has a function, or if there is a local mixer from the Audio I/F.
I'm looking for a Smule FX or some other method with a normal EP Mic setup if possible.
//by DeepL JP to EN

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