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Is it possible to use Smule's Message function from a PC browser?

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Env Windows Chrome W/email login

I want to read/write Message from/to PC Browser.
I want to write a link of Smule in a message.
If you write a URL in a comment, it is not converted to a link.
the other user will copy paste the URL and display it in the Browser instead of Smule APP (without Smule User Log in).
//DeepL JP to EN

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14 minutes ago, opentype said:

It would only be possible if you use an Android Emulator on your PC to use the Smule app. 

Thanks info.
I'm using Android Emulator for playing drums.
I need to do some work on copy paste.
I can't specify the range of text copy from the App. 
It's not a problem with Smule App, but a problem with Android Emulator.
I try more.
//DeepL JP to EN

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