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wrong text length of time comparing to song (adding a new one)

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Hello everyone it's my first post here.


I'm uploading a new song, I've added song and text. 

I've a problem placeing time of single verse of the song with spacebar...

Song is long 2:45...when I finish to set timing...text timer is higher than song timer (like 3:15/2:45) and it doesn't permit me to save the song in final step (it reply it is saved but confirm button doesn't work and sing is not uploaded).

I try to set a part of timing of the song and skip last part (pressing spacebar fastly) in order to have a text time counter within the song) and:

1 song is saved

2 part when I set timer is good...so it's not a matter of me I didn't understand how it works.


Did you have same problem? 

I tried with several pc and browser

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