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Volume control for group join

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Hi how do I get

to the adjust volume setting for a group join. I have an IRig Pro, headphones and microphone TY Chuck 

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I am not sure I understand. Are you asking specifically about a group song? Or volume in Smule in general? Or your specific setup with the iRig Pro?

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7 hours ago, cwalsh24601 said:

Hi specifically on a join on Smule. 

Just before you Start, press the speaker 🔊 button at right. You will be able to control volume from 0 to 100%. When you sing there is a 🔊 button at the bottom with which you can control feedback volume. After you sing before Continue there is a speaker 🔊 button where you can adjust Vocal volume. Try these and see whether any of them works for you.😁

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