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Permanently deleting messages on Smule?

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2 hours ago, Smulearriela said:

How to permanently delete chat without need to block

It is the worst part of smule. You cannot delete the messages. Not even your side of the messages like in messaging apps like Whatsapp. You cannot even correct typos. So if possible do not ever get into the messaging section. It is only good for sending private invites to singers and for basic hi-hellos. Anything more and it will haunt you forever like a cemetery, for not finding a worse word!

They bluntly state that in the help pages.

The best you can do is select the circled i from inside the chat and select Delete Chat. It is a trap and it doesn't delete the messages! It only hides the chat from appearing in your messages screen. The moment the other or you type a word all of the messages appear again🙄. Keep doing it every time you send or see a message in that chat.👍😁


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Bugged by the above problems, I used another method to communicate privately. This makes use of "private solos". 

To start with select any song and record a solo with it. No need  to sing but stay for a few seconds until the "Save early" option becomes enabled (30sec?) in the Pause menu. Now save it making sure to select "Private" in the Customize menu.

Once the record is ready add a comment @mentioning the other person by selecting the name from the list displayed when you type an @. It could go like 

@so_and_so Please check this song. 

etc. That person gets a notification and from then the two can chat in the comment section. Delete each message, send or received, by long pressing and selecting Delete.

Move to and fro in the comment section to see the new messages. Often they are displayed automatically.

When several messages are added from both sides there will be another notification, like "@so_and_so and -- others commented on your record".  Clear all messages from the notifications by refreshing. If that notification does not go away,  delete the solo. After the chat also delete the solo and refresh notifications. 

Though one can use any other private record in the profile for this purpose, the above notification stays for several days. So it is better to create one every time one decides to chat and delete it afterwards. 

Hope this helps till one moves to a respectable messaging app. 😁


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A warning though: “private” songs are only private insofar as they do not appear to other people on the profile or while searching. They are however NOT protected. If someone passes on the song URL, anyone can access the song and all the comments. They don’t even have to be logged in. Any private song is public if you know where it is. 

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33 minutes ago, opentype said:

they do not appear to other people on the profile or while searching.

They do not appear in profile or searches. Unless one sends the rec or url to another. Certainly one wouldn't do it if privacy is the concern.😁

The idea is to have the rec till the chat is over. And delete it after the chat. For next time one can create another private solo.

I feel this is far better than having one's silly chat kept as a testament of foolishness for posterity. 😁

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