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Cannot record a song with Bluestacks 5

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Nick Ramong


I tried, with Bluestacks and Smule 10.0.9.
I can sign in with my account an I can read playlist, i can hear songs

Everythine is ok, except recording

The beginning of the screen appears and disappears after 1 or 2 seconds. Song cannot be loaded and it returns automatically to the previous screen. 

Do you have recommandations to fix it ?

Thank you


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We do not recommend the use of any emulator. 

Smule is already problematic on Android with lots of issues—an emulated Android with unexpected hardware makes it even worse. Emulators can be fine for many apps, but with Smule, audio, video and syncing between the two need to be perfect and that’s not something easily done with an emulator. 

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//Windows BlueStacks
//Local Analog Mixer 
//Audio I/F 
//USB Camera
//now Im not VIP.

// by translator

No problems with the Emu. Works great.
WP NOX is also available.
Right now Video does not recognize it, but everything else is better than BS. So now BS.

There are various parameters.

> > Settings
> > Performance Mode High Performance to Low Memory
> > Frame rate 60 -> 30
> High 2core 3072 MB memory remains
> Tablet 1280x720

There is a change in device information, but not a dramatic change.

The setting items will be explained later since the screen is in Japanese.
// what this translation looks like.

The sound is crushed by one of the phenomena here.

Official Bearded Man dism (SPY×FAMILY ) - Mixed Nuts [Original INST chorus included] ? by noritamako and DrumNinja on Smule: Social Singing Karaoke App

> 220903 21:48:33 Notes.
> 220722 minutes Mixed Nuts #1
> Sound is crushed in the middle 2:15 to ass.
> It's crushed at the confirmation before Upload.
> I only hear the Local Echo on the Audio I/F during Play, so I don't know if it is crushed.
> This is the only one currently being Uploaded with this tuberculosis.
> 220831 minutes Mixed Nuts #2 is not collapsed.

Official Bearded Man dism (SPY×FAMILY) - Mixed Nuts [Original INST chorus] ? by noritamako and DrumNinja on Smule: Social Singing Karaoke App

> 220903 21:59:15 Notes.
> 220831 minutes Mixed Nuts #2 
> Not crushed.
> //Comparing to listen now, #1 is with REV? 
> //FX Yes, but local echo on Play, but valid on Upload, so you shouldn't forget to set it to 0.
> //I didn't note the FX setting details at first at this time.
> //VOL is different too... 
> Sample of muffled/unmuffled sound

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