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Why did Smule go back to deleting joins of people who delete their accounts?

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On 9/14/2022 at 9:31 AM, TheMajesticM said:

All of you making comments that users delete accounts to revenge someone does not make sense to me. I have deleted an account and it hurt me to lose my recordings but it was not to intentionally hurt anyone. It was to keep my life peaceful. 

I totally agree with you.  

Like you, I deleted my account to give myself a peace of mind. Too much drama and gaslighting going on there. 

What I did though,  even prior to thinking of deleting the account, was to download the duets I liked, so no lost fav recordings on my part. 

Life is already stressful enough, no need to add more stress over a singing app.  

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On 9/13/2022 at 4:04 AM, My2CentsWorth said:

When one has confirmed they want their account deleted, one would lose access to their own account. They will see,,as you do, that the account is suspended.

During this time, others can still access the songs via searching by usernames, like what you did. This is the time to download songs you want to keep,if you hadn't already done so.   

Smule takes awhile (up to a month or more) to delete all recordings done by the person. Group songs are the last to be deleted. The deleted layer makes the group song sound weird 🤣

Oh, interesting! That makes sense, because I assumed he deleted his account for personal reasons, and would have been surprised if he had actually been suspended by Smule. I think he previously deleted any songs I may have wanted to keep … but maybe I should check while I have the chance. Thanks again.

@TheMajesticM It’s kind of complicated. Looking back on those situations, I do believe that deleting our recordings left one of those guys equally hurt. But the other sounds like the kind of man you ran up against, unfortunately. I don’t think he felt any remorse, and if he had the chance to do it over, it’s likely he would do the same thing. 

I’m sorry you felt you had to delete your account over that garbage. As much as it hurt, maybe it was the right thing to do at the time for your peace of mind. At the end of the day, the people matter more than the recordings. If someone feels they have have been hurt by me, I’d rather they delete the recordings and move on and just be ok. Glad you were able to come back from it and enjoy singing again.


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I think that GPRD is involved in that. I have to have the power of the decision if i want to erase all my digital past wherever, whenever i want, even and in particular in a social network. For instance is not much different from FB. If i delete my account, not only all my posts form my wall gets erased, but also all interectivity my account have with others and vice-versa. That´s the way an app can guarantee that in every moment i can vanish from that world. Back to smule, If some user openened a song, then all that is deleted is my collab with them, he is abble to maintain his work, the one he was the main responsable in producing. I think that all that smule must take care and improve is to inform all the other users that the content is going/was to be erased due to account deletion. In fact there is a lot to discuss here in metters of privacy, because once in the digital you cannot guarantee that even after deleting an account you have finished removing all the ghosts that haunts you. i.e: smule have other tools or third party apps that can download content from smule in particular times, and that is something beyond your control, even beyond smule control. So... 

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