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Smule recording: slight delay/echo on a iphone

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I am getting a slight delay/echo when recording. its very hard to sing with that. I have an iphone 11. earbuds plugged directly into phone. trying to fix the problem as i just changed wifi equipment with my provider but i dont thing thats the issue because the service is faster speeds than i had before. speed test show 300 mb/s. plus it went away briefly with new wifi and now the echo is back. Can anyone help? all effects turned off.

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I would rule out any connection with the mobile/WiFi setup. 

But does it happen all the time? What if you force-quit the app or restart the phone? Will it still happen as soon as you start recording your first song? Because I only noticed syncing issues on iPhone when a recording is restarted from the review stage. In this case, I found it is enough to unplug the Earbuds during the recording and then restart the song. This will re-sync the headphones. 

But if you can replicate the issue 100% of the time and you are using the latest Smule release, it would more sound like a bug you would need to report to Smule with details about the phone you are using. 

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