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How do I connect my new IRig Pro hd, Sure 58 microphone, and Sennheiser in ear monitors to my iPad so I can use it on Smule

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I have previously used a separate (cheap) mic along with over the ear Bose headphones with a splitter cable on my iPad, and the sound was ok, but I wanted something better. So I watched several videos and other posts about what works better. So I bought an IRig Pro HD, a Sure 58 microphone, and Sennheiser in ear monitors to plug into my iPad. I am not technically savvy., so if any of you kind people could help me out, I would really appreciate it. I am in a vocal class and I practice by singing on Smule, so I want to get the best results that I can. Thank you all so much for all of your help!

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First of all: don’t try it all at once. Get the microphone and headphones working one after another if you can. 

For the microphone:

  • Connect the Sure microphone to the bottom of the iRig interface with an XLR cable
  • Connect the iRig interface with the iPad using the lightning adapter included in the iRig package
  • Keep “phantom power” and the “direct monitoring” off on the iRig.  
  • Connect a wired headphone set directly to the headphone output of the iRig interface.
  • Open Smule. 
  • Start a solo in Smule.
  • You should hear the background track through the headphone. Adjust the volume slider on the iRig. 
  • Set the gain to a medium level on the iRig.
  • Make sure Smule is picking up the sound from your Sure mic by tapping on the microphone. 
  • Adjust the gain slider to the perfect level. This needs some trial and error. You want it as high as possible but not so high that your loudest notes cause distortion. 
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Thank you for answering me. I have another question. I connected everything to my iPad, and I could hear the track on Smule, but the microphone wouldn’t pick up anything. Any suggestions? I even had a friend who has an older IRig try and help me but they couldn’t get it to work either. Could the problem be with using batteries to run it instead of ac current?

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