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Hey everyone.

I've seen some posts on the topic here, but still there are some doubts about is this setup going to work in Sing or not.

I have a Blue Yeti usb mic. Will the setup of BY -> powered usb hub -> usb-lightning cable work in Sing (using GarageBand in the background) or not.

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I use my Blue Yeti all the time with the Sing app.

It appears to be a little buggy though.

I have used it with the S7 Edge and the Note 9.

I have a USB to microUSB/USB-C converter that I plug into the USB end of the Blue Yeti power supply. The phone supplies the power to the mic (make sure you have a full charge because it drains it pretty fast). I then plug my earbuds into the Blue Yeti.

When you go to record a song you will see a prompt saying that the app works better with a mic attached, click "OK" and you should be good to go.

One interesting thing is that with the S7 I could hear myself in my earbuds. That helped a LOT because you could hear your level and use it to your advantage. It helped add more dynamics to the performance and know what you sounded like.

With the Note 9, I do not hear myself in my earbuds.

Sometimes it glitches out and won't play the song. You just have to keep restarting until it does. Sometimes you will do a performance and there is no audio from your Blue Yeti. That is rare, but it has happened. Unplugging it from the phone and plugging it back in seemed to work. 

I also noticed that I have to turn the gain on the mic almost all the way down. Even then, sometimes I have to turn my mic volume level down in the Sing app in the review menus. 

I did a little informational video about it a while back.


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I use my blue yeti with the sing app on my Samsung S9. But I can't hear myself in my headphones. Voice feedback doesn't work when I use my blue yeti for some reason. Is this an incompatible issue? It records fine but theres no voice feedback in the headphones.

The voice feedback worked with my yeti when I was using the S7.

Anyone know how to fix this?

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