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Does Blocking Someone Remove Them From A Group Song

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A-Muse Me

Hello everyone!

I have a group number that I put up, and it was sounding really great, but unfortunately before I could close it, someone joined who barely knew the song, and was very far behind on the beat. My question is, if I block them from my account, will it remove them from the recording? 


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Blocking them won't do anything (except possibly tick them off😁) but if you can convince them to delete their join then that will do the job. There is a delete layer option (from the ... area) when they open the group song, which deletes whatever they sang in the group song. Again, from what I remember this is a lot easier to do on iPhone so hopefully they have that.

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A-Muse Me

Thank you so much! Yeah, I didn't know the person, it was random. And I don't want to be mean to anyone, people just want to sing! And I love it when they join duets, everyone should sing. But this was for a musical, and all the parts came together well for the group, and this person just wanted to join, and live her best life. I will just leave as is. I guess that's what happens when you leave things to fate.

I am on an Android, so we are always far behind on the updates.

Thanks again!

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