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Mic is to loud and makes noises

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Hi there,

I recently  bought apple earpods cause some say they are the best budget wise. So I heard a lot people sing with these and they really sound great. But after I plugged my in via an USBC adapter to my Samsung S20 I noticed static and klicking noises while singing and it seams the mic catches the music to the mic because when I hear the music somewhat loud the static noise comes with the music. Now after you sing there is this bar on the top with the voice visualised ( don't know how to call that) and this bar is on max. There is no up or down in the voice, it seems like the mic is too loud.

Is there a chance that these earpods are fake or is it the Adapter? Or is there an workaround?

Thx for your help 🙂

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9 hours ago, BlackSoulSpirit said:

Is there a chance that these earpods are fake or is it the Adapter?

Really hard to say. 
Where did you buy the earpods? If you just ordered them from Amazon, there is indeed a chance they are fake. 
Otherwise I would suggest to narrow down the problem by switching the individual components, like trying a different headphone set with the same adapter or trying the same earpods on someone else’s phone. 

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So I just bought another adapter and it seams that the problem with the loudness is solved but we'll listen.. maybe I'm to picky but I think the static is not right with this mic, at least when I hear this mic on other singers.

Edit: and yes bought them from Amazon 


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