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Does Smule work better on iPhone than on Android?

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This question often comes up, and I think we all know the answer is yes. A good example is the incredibly convenient feature in iPhones of fixing something wrong you heard in your invite or join. It could be a single false note you sang, or maybe your dog can be heard barking in a part of the song.. all you have to do is go back to the recording screen, scroll to the exact time where the error happened, and re-record just that one bit. This has been working perfectly well on iPhones for more than two years, but has just been introduced on the Android version of the app - and yet it doesn't work on all Android phones, and works badly on many of them. You may hear a lag in the final recording that wasn't there before, etc.

Smule isn't the only app to work better on iOS than on Android - most of the popular apps look and work better, smoother, faster on iPhones. The reason is Apple's closed ecosystem - they make both the hardware and software, so they have far more control, tighter integration, and uniformity in the iOS environment. They also provide great developer tools, software libraries, APIs, and documentation. All this makes it easier for app developers to code for iOS, and the result is more predictability and higher quality. They can and often do put more features in the iPhone version than in the Android version, and coding for iPhones can be done much quicker.

By comparison, with Android, the operating system is made by Google and the hardware is from numerous different manufacturers, who will often have their own skin like OneUI, OxygenOS, etc.. Google has no control over them. There are cheap and expensive phones, with all kinds of different capabilities. With that huge diversity it's impossible to test for all combinations, and to predict how well a given feature will work on a particular phone. End result is that on Android, app performance can be unpredictable, while on iPhones it is predictable and can be optimized.

The downside of course is that iPhones can be overpriced and Android phones need not be. It's no coincidence that Apple is one of the most profitable companies in the world. Although I'm an iPhone user, I'm glad Android puts pressure on Apple iPhone pricing!


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Smule has always focused more on iOS than android phone, Moreso due to the there being less device models to make compatible with the app I suppose. For example, the voice feedback function on android has been something that has been included and works far better on iOS. I also find that the app varies from device to device on android. 

I’d say those who are looking to get the most out of the app and their subscription, ios is the way to go.

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