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Download service updated! 🎉

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If you had problems with our download service in the last days, feel free to try again. I published an update with several improvements. 

1. The reliability was improved. In fact, since the change today, I see a 100% success rate so far. Before, some users would experience crawling errors for no apparent reason and would have to try again several times. 

2. Invite links now work too! Until recently, invite links for OCs would only create an error message, but apparently many users also want to download OCs, so the service now dynamically changes the invite link to a link which can download the invite audio or video without any joins. 

3. I added a status widget. The system will monitor the success of generating download links over a span of 24 hours. So, if the majority of download requests would fail, for example because Smule is not accessible or they introduced changes on their end, the status widget will tell you (and us) that there are potential problems. As a result, you don’t have to wonder if you made a mistake. You will see instantly that there is problem with Smule or our downloader. 

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