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Accidental Discovery of Better Sounding Final Recording on Smule


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For over two years, I have been using my iRig Pro I/O Mobile Phone Interface with my 6th Gen iPad and an AKG D5 Vocal Dynamic Mic and Audi Technica Head phones. Thanks to Open Type for guiding me. Not the best final output but had to grin and bear it as I did not know of better options for interfaces. As others have mentioned the final recording was sort of FLAT.

I have also had my Yamaha MG06x Mixer sitting idle on my Table since I got my iRig Pro I/O not knowing hos to use it. No point adding more effects on top of all the Fx on Smule.

I bought a new iPad stand and dismantled the entire set up and when I was reconnecting I decided to plug my Mic into the Yamaha and connect the output to my iPad but using nil effects.

I suddenly realised the recordings were sounding fabulous and rich and full. It took me a while to figure out that I was passing the Mono Signal from my Mic into the Yamaha Mixer and the Output from the Yamaha which is stereo was plugged into the iRig Pro and on to iPad

It is not just me thinking it is better. All my Smule partners  say it sounds Great

So my Smule Recordings now have Stereo effect and not Mono anymore 

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