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Is it possible to have too big a group join?


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Does anyone know if its possible to add too many layers to a group song and it automatically starts erasing layers? I'm working on this huge self collab and some of my layers just aren't playing at all, like they don't exist. I have 113 joins on it currently.

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Wow!! That's a lot of layers!

I've never experienced a group collab that large, but we just had some problems on a birthday collab over the weekend. I think we only had about 23 joins, but one of the last audio joins really pushed volumes way out of whack. It was a lot of adding silent joins from dummy accounts, and hiding those joins to finally fix the problem. It all seems very random, and doesn't seem like there's a consistent way to fix it. I think it's just luck of the draw, but maybe 113 layers may be too much for Smule to handle?

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