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Smule - " How would you Rate Customer Support you received ?"


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Q: Smule - " How would you Rate Customer Support you received  ?"

My Answer: Standard automated Robotic Responses is not REAL Customer Support is It ?. In the last four years I have sent Smule Zen Desk so many requests for Improving Features. I am not alone I am a member of Sing Salon and we all feel the Same that Smule developers are only interested in improving the bottom line but not improving the Product to serve their Paying customers.

Like How long does it take Smule developers to include a button that reverses the Book marked list so the one that expires is right at the top and members don't have to scroll down to the bottom of a large pile of bookmarks each and every time they want to join a book marked invite. Basic Common sense to me as a Design Engineer.  

How many times have members told Smule Zen Desk that Blocking some one obnoxious and rude on Smule does not solve their problem but in fact exacerbates the issue and forces members to eventually quit out of sheer frustration

Enough said as this will be reviewed by an Automated Smule Rating System as well.

When Smule meets a formidable competitor and panics and pays more attention to Customer reviews and reports it will be too late for Smule. Remember what Happened to Kodak, Xerox and Nokia...etc etc


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