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[Android] New features are coming to android!

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I don't know if this has been posted here but android users are finally getting the features(already on iOS) which we've been asking smule for years. It was announced on their blog: https://blog.smule.com/smule-privacy-singing-features

A quick summary of the features for those that didn't read the post:

1. New tool to reduce latency.

2. Fast forward/rewind while singing songs.

3. Saving Sing Live to profile.


I'm most excited for the reduced latency and forward/rewind features which we've been asking smule for years now. Smule doesn't give us an ETA though so android smulers (even fellow iOS smulers!), let's make Smule know how eager we are for the features! Ask them through email, on their social media posts, and dms. Let them shift more resources in developing their android app. We're paying users too!   


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