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Denying access to a user to see my profile

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I want to absolutely prevent a user on Smule to access my profile, even from seeing my profile image status etc.

That user has already blocked me.

This user mentioned has technically done something to prevent me from accessing his profile (the message I got is attached as a screenshot)

Please do help me and oblige.


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If the user already blocked you, they don’t want to see anything from you on the app. There is not much more you would need to do.

It’s not possible to hide oneself completely from others at this time, since every Smule user has a public profile on the Smule website which guests can always access. 

Follow me on Smule: https://smule.com/opentype 

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I also have the same problem.. I tried accessing my friends smule account but im getting this message.. 

        "THE OPERATION COULDN'T BE COMPLETED. (MagicResponseErrorDomain error 1020)

Whats this means?

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This is Smule's response to the blocking issue.  They cannot do it on the app so if someone blocks you now it will display this message "I.E they are now trying to stop anyone seeing a profile at all if your added to the blocked list".   I hope you friend is still a friend @stalkblock #stalkblock.. see this campaign on Smule also.

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Campaign to protect users from stalkers and trolling. Basically trying to get smule to put proper user controls in place like no automatic follows. No other inbox (if you dont want it) etc..  

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