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Recording setup using Roland Rubix24 USB Audio Interface


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Hi all,

I'm a newbie here and would really appreciate any help I can get on my recording setup for Smule using the following (or anything additional I need):

1. Samsung A70 phone (or iPhone 6+ if necessary)
2. Roland Rubix 24 USB audio interface 
3. Shure SM58 miscrophone
4. XLR Cable for microphone
5. 3.5mm Stereo to 6.5mm Dual Mono Audio Cable

Many thanks in advance. 

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I have a setup using the Behringer USB Mic interface with a condenser mic, however, I'm not set up on Android, I'm on iOS.  I have a powered hub which my interface is plugged into for power, then I have an adapter on the USB end to convert to lightning.  When I used my Android tablet, I had enough power to test it out and it seemed to work.  The powered hub supplies steady power to the interface so your tablet doesn't drain.  

Another nice option with iOS is that I can put a USB Ethernet dongle into the hub and not have to worry about WiFi.

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