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New changes Smule Karaoke NEEDS to add.

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1- able to search through your own playlist of your recordings. 
2- a filter setting that lets you organize your recordings by date/time, song title or genre

3- able to create custom folders to categorize your recordings by your liking. 
4- automatically file your recordings under genres for easy search of your own recordings.

5-Fix the optimizing issue on older recordings 

6-create a file for recordings that no longer play because of a smule issue. 
7-remove that horrible loop feature on playback

8- create ability to stop a “video recording” while recording and go back a few seconds to correct a slip up. Same way you can do it on just an audio recording while recording a new track. 
9-Create the ability to go back and edit sounds after finalizing. 
10-Have a custom EQ feature that is not a pre-set EQ for cool effects. Have an actual full customizable basic feature. 

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