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What is with the different color bars

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When you play your song it has these yellow, blue, or purple bars that now keep looping that one part automatically. I click the loop button off but it still does it. 

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Do you use Android? Haven’t had any issues with the looping on iOS device, but I have heard of this issue. The song being broken up into parts probably has something to do with Style Studio, because it is the same way songs are broken into different colored bars when you’re creating a new style.

Correction: Now that I have updated the app, I’m also having issues with the looping. When I try to play through my favorites, it will play a song through to the end, but then it plays the last section on a continuous loop even though I turned off the loop button.

This can’t be right? I don’t know, but I’m going to complain to Smule about this issue. It’s disappointing because I was so happy they brought back the feature to autoplay my favorites in the background, and now they’ve taken it away again.

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