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Recording not saved in profile


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i set set up an account for myself on my phone and  a separate one for my wife on her phone.  Both 1 year VIP accounts.

For my wife’s account, there is an issue.  She has only one recording showing in her profile.  Any attempts to record more songs are not successful. She can complete the recording process, even review it, mix it and hit continue.

She chooses private when saving the recording and it finishes and shows her the share screen.  But if she goes to her profile, the song is not shown there, it shows only her first recording there.

She is using IPhone 6S.

She is stuck and cannot proceed, please help!

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We figured it out.  It was just usage issue, since we are new to Smule.

My wife was recording as a duet and was skipping the invite part.

After she sent the invite, it’s showing in the invite section.  Now it’s working!

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